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Whether you are a research scholar embarking on your doctoral research or a young faculty at the threshold of a promising career, having a mentor will help you to get the best out of your work.

Find out how research is done by the best in your field, follow the success stories, know how to protect your research with Intellectual Property and learn how to start your own company from a host of mentors.

Some Of Our Mentoring Sessions

Find out the 5 reasons why you should order a patentability search to be done before filing a patent.

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What is Prior Art?

Like a literature survey, the prior art tells you all that has happened in the field of your invention.

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Publish or Patent​​

Find out whether the output of your research should be published or  patented first.

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Educating Professors on IPRs

What Professors in Educational institutions needs to know about IPRs

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Case Study: AstraZeneca

How one pharmaceutical company managed its IP to transfer value from limited life patents to unlimited life trademarks

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“I am very grateful Dr. Feroz Ali’s Lectures. I am totally a big fan of his way of teaching. He just made my concept so clear.”

Ekta Prasad


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