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The Techgrapher Patent Associate Programme

Best-in-Class Training For Patent Agent Exam aspirants and Practising Patent Professionals


Publish two articles on Techgrapher and get access to our Patent Associate Training Programme. To maintain your membership in the programme, publish just two articles every month.

Benefit from the continuing education programme at Techgrapher and enhance your professional reputation with publications.


Some Of Our Patent Training Webinars

Consultancy Series:​

How to Answer Questions on IP​

Understand the different types of IP, how they interplay with each other and how they can together protect innovation. 

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Client Management Series:​

Working Remotely with Techgrapher ​

Get to know how to get in touch with Techgrapher, other associates and clients on our platform


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Drafting Series:​

How to Pitch an Invention​

Learn how to draft a patent presenting the invention as a concept as opposed to a physical embodiment

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Prosecution Series:​

Introduction to Patent Prosecution Highway​

Brief introduction to the proposed Patent Rules amendments on Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

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Case Law Series:​

Patent Law and Competition Law - Monsanto and Ericsson​

The common issues in the Monsanto and Ericsson cases

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Testimonials: What people say?

“I am very grateful Dr. Feroz Ali’s Lectures. I am totally a big fan of his way of teaching. He just made my concept so clear.”

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