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We have a strict policy on filing of patents. We do not file a patent if our patent search finds that there is no patentable invention. Only if our Patent Search finds a patentable invention, we give you a go-ahead to proceed with patent filing. If not, We do not file patents just for the sake of filing. If you are looking for a patents team just to file We Do Not.

Our Patents Leadership Team

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Dr. Feroz


Intellectual property expert with decades of experience in litigation, consultancy and teaching. Former IPR Chair Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Founder of Techgrapher. 

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Mr. Aslam

IP advisory

Aslam is an Advocate and Patent Attorney. His experience in the IPR domain includes IP Management, in addition to Patent drafting & prosecution, IPR related Reporting & E-publishing

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Dr. Venkat

IP operations

Dr. Venkat specializes in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, who received his Master’s degree in Chemistry from IIT Madras and earned Ph.D in Chemistry from Tufts University. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Patent search is searching Patent literature from patent databases for prior published or granted patents.

Any inventors from a startup or Academic setup, or Industry or an individual.

If you are an inventor and would like to understand the Patentability scope of your invention or an applicant who would like to validate or invalidate a patent, or a competitor to understand the landscape of a crowded market, or a freedom to operate analysis before you venture the product out.

Filling a patent application and maintaining a legal status of a patent involves good amount of money invested. It is wiser to run a search to understand its prospects before taking a long road of patent filing.

It depends on the kind of search, whether it is patentability or Validity/Invalidity analysis or FTO.