Dr. Venkat, Techgrapher.com

Dr. Venkata Subramanian Raman
Vice President, Intellectual Property – Operations, Techgrapher.com
Chennai, India

Dr. Venkat specializes in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, who received his Master’s degree in Chemistry from IIT Madras and earned Ph.D in Chemistry from Tufts University. He is a registered Patent Agent (IN/PA 3924). Prior to joining Techgrapher, he worked as a Patent Analyst, analyzed Patent Applications for USPTO, at CPA Global (Michigan) and learned commercializing research products during his tenure at Technology Transfer Office in Tufts University, Boston.

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Areas of Expertise


Setting up IP Centres

As the first Intellectual Property Rights Chair at Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Dr. Feroz Ali was exposed to some of the biggest challenges faced by Higher Educational Institutions in managing their intellectual property. His tenure at IITM also coincided with the three years where IITM was ranked as the No. 1 engineering institute by the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF), an honour that came its way for a variety of measures taken including the way it managed its patents. Dr. Feroz has helped institutions set up their IP Centre and frequently address academia on issues relating to intellectual property.

Patent Litigation

Patent Litigation

Feroz spent a large part of his professional career in contentious patent proceedings before the Intellectual Property Office, Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), High Court and Supreme Court. Be it pre-grant or post-grant oppositions, filing revocations before IPAB or defending patent infringement suits before the higher courts, his work cuts across different fields of technologies across industry sectors. He was recently involved in the Monsanto v. Nuziveedu case (on gene patents) before the Supreme Court of India.

Patents and Public Health Dr. Feroz Ali

Patents and Public Health

Feroz has worked at the interface of patent law and public health over the years. He led the team India for Accessibsa, a tri-contiental project on patent law and public health enabled by the Shuttleworth Foundation, and the writing of two reports on patent law in India: Rejected in India: What the Indian Patent Office Got Right on Pharmaceuticals Patent Applications (2009-2016) and Pharmaceutical Patent Grants in India: How are safeguards against evergreening has failed and why the system must be reformed. He continues to advise institutions, corporations and policy makers on matters concerning intellectual property and public health.