Worried about clearing the Patent Agent Examination without a law background? Check our courses, we have incorporated some time-tested ways to crack the Patent Agent Examination into them.

Patent agent exam

Proven Patent Agent Exam training course with 220 students clearing the examination conducted in 2018

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To succeed in the Patent Agent Exam, you need to work like a scientist and think like a lawyer.

To file and prosecute a patent application professionally in India, one has to find a Registered Patent Agent. To become a Patent Agent, one has to qualify the exam conducted by the Controller General of Patents.

The two part written examination is essentially an examination which tests the legal knowledge of an engineer or a science graduate. The syllabus for the first part comprises of Patent Act, 1970 and the Patent Rules, 2003 and the second part tests the ability to draft and interpret patent specifications, which are techno-legal documents.

So, how does an engineer or a science graduate who is not professionally trained in the law clear this examination? Simple. Take our courses.


This course introduces the basic concepts of patent law. The topics covered give a brief introduction on Indian Patent Law and explain the need to protect inventions, patentable inventions, and other fundamentals of patent law.

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This course is structured keeping in mind Paper-I and parts of Paper-II of the Patent Agent Examination conducted by the Intellectual Property Office, Government of India.

6999 ₹ only

This course is structured keeping in mind the Paper-II of the Patent Agent Examination conducted by the Intellectual Property Office, Government of India. 

6999 ₹ only

This course comprises of a series of tests designed to provide revision practice before taking the Patent Agent Examination.

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Our courses for the Patent Agent Examination covers everything you will need to crack the examination successfully. Our course is self-paced and an online one at that, which allows you to watch the lessons at your convenience and any number of times you want. 

Our forums help you interact with fellow students and our graded Multiple Choice Questions at the end of every lesson gives you an idea of how much you have grasped. Our All in One course has everything you will need to successfully clear the Patent Agent Examination, this course is designed in such a way that if you complete this course successfully then you will not need any other material to crack the  Patent Agent Examination, our course takes care of everything you need.



Who is a patent agent?

One who has cleared a Patent agent exam conducted by the Indian patent office and registered to practice before the same.

Who can become a patent agent?

Anyone who has completed 21 years of age, a citizen of India, obtained a degree in Science, Engineering or Technology in India and most importantly passed the qualifying exam conducted by the Patent office

Where does a patent agent work?

A Patent agent can work in a law firm or an Industry with IP practice or in an Intellectual property Management (IPM) cell  or Technology Transfer offices of  academic universities 

What are the career prospects for a patent agent?

It is always futuristic, and considering a boom in the number of startups and growing awareness of protecting Ideas, the demand for more Patent agents will always be there.

What are the skills required to become a patent agent?

A curious mind to understand new ideas and learn new things and very good writing skills

Why should one choose this as a career?

If you are someone who hates monotonous work then this is the career option for you. There is a constant learning curve.  There is always new thing happening every day in this career.